Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Allie D Gator Fun sketches...

Allie D Gator

Allie's Angel

Allie D Gator and the Polly Bird

Page from Allie D Gator Falls in Love

 Explanation of Sketches:

For fun I enjoy writing stories.  These are sketches from a series of children stories I wrote for my grandchildren;  Allie D Gator, Allie D Gator and the Polly Bird, and Allie D Gator Falls in Love.

Allie's stories can be found at


  1. OMC, they're *great*! Seriously! Boy, I can't even draw decent stick people (or animals). These are wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Kim. They are really not *great*, but they ARE fun to sketch. And the grandkids enjoy them. If you would like to read Allie's stories, they are short and sweet... and I just added a link under the post.

  2. ANOTHER effort I must the pottery. Could I do a children's book? I won't unless I put procrastination back in the safe and throw away the key.


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